“I have been training outdoors with Susie…for over five years. She is the perfect combination of tough and warm, and she works with the whole person – mentally, emotionally and physically.”
Dianne Calacouras – age 63 years
“Susie’s care and dedication to her clients goes beyond anything you could hope for. I credit Susie for inspiring the life I continue to lead and cannot recommend her highly enough.”
Dana Warrington – Age 36 years
“My biggest achievement is reaching a level of fitness that I didn’t think was achievable for me at my age. I love that SheCamp makes me feel good about myself. I love that there is encouragement rather than yelling. I love that there is always something different. I love that SheCamp works!”
Belinda Jones – Age 54 years
With a small group and an amazing trainer, you get the full attention from Susie. She is great, always pushing it above and beyond, and looks after us even after the training session.”
Grazi – Age 35 years
“Our trainer Susie pushes each person individually, and that’s what I like most about SheCamp. The only expectation is that you give everything your best shot, and…with that comes results! It really is a non-judgemental, non-intimidating environment for women of all ages and sizes to get together, train hard, and have some serious fun along the way!”
Frances Kelly – age 34 years
“Susie never seems to run out of new ideas for training sessions, catering for all our different ages, sizes, shapes and fitness levels. We always get a fantastic workout…and we always seem to end up laughing. It’s a unique and fun training environment, and many of these women will be friends for life.”
Linda Head – age 52 years
“During my time at SheCamp, I have built up my strength and have been encouraged to take on new challenges such as the Pink Triathlon! I continue at SheCamp because I like the range of workouts, and I enjoy being outdoors exercising with a really nice and supportive group of people.”Michelle Davies - Age 30 years

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