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SheCamp during COVID-19: UPDATE AUGUST 2020

SheCamp sessions were held virtually via Zoom between March - June 2020. It was amazing to see the continued commitment of all SheCampers during this time! We believe it's crucial during these challenging times to maintain a health and fitness routine, now more than ever for our physical and mental health.

As we've been able to phase sessions back outdoors - the following timetable is our current 'Winter' timetable. This was developed in consultation with all current SheCampers.

Given a number of people are still working from home, there was strong support for some of the Zoom sessions to continue over Winter.

There are currently 13 sessions available per week. Six sessions continue via Zoom and 7 sessions are back outdoors. We have a strict COVID-19 policy of social distancing (4m2 per participant) and no sharing of equipment. You will at a minimum need to bring your own fitness/yoga mat and ideally a resistance band. If you don't have a resistance band that's ok too! We can discuss options. 🙂

All sessions are 45mins as follows:

1. Monday 6:15am (Zoom)

2. Tuesday 7:00am (Outdoors Maroubra Beach)

3. Tuesday 9:30am (Outdoors Arthur Byrne Reserve - South Maroubra)

4. Tuesday 5:00pm (Zoom - mixed men and women)

5. Tuesday 6:00pm (Zoom - mixed men and women)

6. Wednesday 11:00am (Outdoors Arthur Byrne Reserve - South Maroubra)

7. Thursday 6:15am (Zoom)

8. Thursday 8:30am (Outdoors Arthur Byrne Reserve - South Maroubra)

9. Thursday 5:00pm (Zoom - mixed men and women)

10. Thursday 6:00pm (Zoom - mixed men and women)

11. Friday 7:00am (Outdoors Maroubra Beach)

12. Saturday 6:30am (Outdoors Sydney Park, St Peters)

13. Saturday 7:30am (Outdoors Sydney Park, St Peters)

Zoom is now our 'Rainy Day' Plan B for all sessions which is an excellent option to have. 🙂

SheCamp is now in the position to take on new clients!

If you'd like to find out more info and to book in for a free trial session, please get in touch via [email protected]

mixed groups - Zoom

Due to popular demand, SheCamp started a mixed group in 2019 on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm in Sydney Park for men and women. What we've done during the COVID-19 period is change the Tuesday and Thursday 5pm and 6pm sessions to Mixed sessions so the fellas can join us for those options.

The mixed groups will revert back to Tuesday 7:00pm approx September once we move all sessions back outdoors.

So if any fellas are keen to come along, please get in touch! You're welcome to join us now via Zoom.

Some pics of our happy bunch below.

People of SheCamp


We’ll be featuring a different SheCamper on a regular basis to showcase the many special women that make up our wondeful fitness community.

Here’s a little bit about Jo who’s been training at SheCamp for a few years now. Take it away Jo!
“Mornings are the time that’s just for me. Moving my body makes me feel healthy and strong and my mind feels the same.

I have 2 kids and a busy full-time job and its hard to carve out time, so if I don’t get my exercise in first thing it just doesn’t happen. It also shows my kids that it’s important to look after yourself and keep fit and healthy.

Starting the day with a workout and a chat with the girls at the beach and even having a quick dip in the ocean is like medicine - it makes me feel good all day. I find I sleep better, I eat better, and I have more energy for all the other stuff that the day brings.”

mid-morning GROUP SESSIONS

South Maroubra (Arthur Byrne Reserve)

Come along and join SheCamp for some mid-morning sessions in one of our wonderful local parks. Plenty of shade available for when the weather becomes hotter. Indoor option available for wet weather days.

All ages and fitness levels.

- Mums and bubs welcome!
- Retirees welcome!
- Students welcome!

TUESDAY - 9:30am - 10:15am
WEDNESDAY - 11:am - 11:45am
THURSDAY - 9:30am - 10:15am

Email [email protected] for more info.

Maroubra Oktoberfest Fun Run 2019

The next Maroubra Oktoberfest Fun Run and Market Day is scheduled for Sunday 27 October 2019!

There are 3 categories of events:
- 4km Walk
- 4km Run
- 8km Run

Start training now and join the SheCamp Team - Winners of the 2017 Gym Team category!

Randwick Council Business Awards - 2017!

Every two years Randwick Council holds local Business Awards & SheCamp was a Finalist for the second time running.

Congratulations to Titans Fitness at Coogee who were the winners of the Fitness Category for a second time. It's a terrific event to showcase local small businesses!

Thanks Lyn, Belinda & Dianne for joining me at the awards dinner. I also had the pleasure of meeting our new Randwick Council Mayor Lindsay Shurey.

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